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Donna Barthalow #25

Player:Donna Barthalow
Years with Team:9
How Connected with Team:Recruited by a friend from college that volunteered with the Scrappers

Volunteer Story:

I grew up playing every sport you can imagine with my family in a school yard across from my grandparents’ house.  My grandfather was a fitness nut and obsessed with sports.  We watched all the televised games, and all of the neighbourhood kids would join the 75-year-old man and his family in games of football, baseball, basketball, tennis, etc. for hours every Sunday, no matter the weather.

I started catching for The Scrappers and it was the best decision I ever made.  I can never wait to get back to it.  As a collector of “odd hobbies,” I can honestly say it’s my favourite.  When I’m not with the Scrappers, I can be found crocheting, medieval fighting, and collecting the weird/macabre and medical diagnoses. 

Donna’s profession is Paediatric Nurse.  The Scrappers keep her very busy at tournaments between catching, spotting, and helping to treat our various injuries.  She is often called to help at tournaments we attend with injuries sustained by players on other teams like people who ran into bleachers or even a person who got a Q tip stuck in their ear. 

Back in the end of May, Donna stopped by to aid a bicyclist on the roadside that had fallen on the side of the road.  The person fell over because they were OD’ing.  Donna helped on scene and contacted emergency services.  She helped save the person’s life.

Stats and Honours:

  • I once got a trophy at a team picnic for newest volunteer or something like that.


  • I’m on this website now